Paranormal Places

Paranormal Places

A Lesson by Clif

There are many towns in the U.S. where their claim to fame is a or Paranormal event from the past.


      What do towns in the U.S. have in common? There are places where the Paranormal is a big part of a community’s history.


       Places like Point Pleasant, West Virginia; where in 1967 the Mothman was sighted before the tragic collapse of a bridge in the town. The town has a statue of the Mothman.


       Flatwoods, West Virginia; in 1952 an Alien, the Flatwoods Monster was seen. They have a large chair in the shape of the Monster there.


       Fouke, Arkansas;  Home of the Boggy Creek Monster, Bigfoot type creature. The movie “The Legend of Boggy Creek” was based on.


       White Hall, New York; where there are many sightings of Bigfoot, including by police there. They have a statue of Bigfoot in the town.


       Bluff Creek, Orleans, California; where the Patterson-Gimlin film of a Sasquatch was taken in 1967.


       Prince of Wales Island, Alaska; has Upside down trees, associated with Sasquatch.


       Elkhorn, Wisconsin; Home of the Beast of Bray Road.

       Marfa, Texas; The Marfa lights have been appearing there sense the late 1800s.


       Lubbock, Texas;  UFO lights were sighted in 1951.


       Aurora, Texas; UFO crashed in 1897 on a farm.


       Corona, New Mexico; Where the Roswell UFO crash occurred in 1947.


       Kecksburg, Pennsylvania; UFO crash in 1965.

       Rachel, Nevada; they have the little AleInn Restaurant on Route 375, the Extraterrestrial Highway,  near to Area 51. 

Groom Lake, Nevada; Home of Area 51, where they experiment with UFO technologies.


      Gulf Breeze, Florida; Where a number of UFO pictures were taken in 1987.

       Estes Park, Colorado;  Where the Stanley Hotel is located, another very haunted location. Basis for the movie “The Shining”.



Local Paranormal Places:


       New Castle Airport, Delaware; is where in 1952, Air force F-94 fighter jets  were scrambled from to intercept UFO’s flying over Washington, DC.

Selbyville, Delaware is home of the Selbyville Swamp Monster, a Bigfoot type creature. 


       Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland; Has the legend of Pig Lady.

And there was the Pig Lady bridge in North East, Maryland.


       Beltsville, Maryland; Where The Goatman has been reported.

Goatmen have also been seen in Louisville, Kentucky and Lake Worth, Texas.


Some Places have Museums, Statues and Festivals dedicated to their Cryptics and Visitors:


       Asbury Park, New Jersey; Is home to the Jersey Devil Festival and a Paranormal Museum. Rock star Bruce Springsteen, native of New Jersey, wrote a song about the mysterious beast called “A Night with the Jersey Devil”.


       Columbia, Pennsylvania has the Albatwitch festival for a smaller type of Bigfoot creature in Lancaster County.


       Bishopville, South Carolina; Where they have the Lizardman Festival each year.



       Portland, Maine; is where the International Cryptozoology Museum is located.


       Felton, California; Home of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum.

       Willow Creek, California has the Bigfoot Collection Museum.


       Roswell, New Mexico has the International UFO Museum.


       Monroe, Connecticut is the former home for the Warrens’s

Occult Museum, ran by Lorraine Warren and her son in law Tony Spera.



        In Joplin, Missouri there was a Spooklight Museum light

that closed in the 1980s.    

         Pine Bush, New York is home to the UFO and Paranormal Museum.


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