Psychical Experiences

Psychical Experiences

A Lesson by Clif

Different images in people’s minds can come from certain psychological sources, or the supernatural realm.


Thoughtforms; are images created in the minds of people, conscious or unconscious. Like a vision or illusion.

Tulpa; Tibetan thoughtform, paranormal, mysticism, mental, spiritual powers create a being or object. Like an imaginary friend.

These are similar to psychic visions of clairvoyance.

Or hallucinations, illusions, from drugs, alcohol, or mental illness.


       Machine Elves; creatures, beings, seen when hallucinating on psychedelic drugs, like DMT, or LSD. The term is used in parapsychology.


       Dream demons; are intruders at night that come to people when they are sleeping. They can be shadow people, extraterrestrial kidnapers, demonic spirits, or Djinn. Similar to a mare.


       Apparitional experiences; in parapsychology, when someone sees a ghost that is not really there. Parapsychologists believe it is a psychic phenomena, not a spiritual sighting.


       PSP; Precognition Sentient Phenomena; Is when some external force or intelligence sends an image into a person’s mind. Like a hologram, or virtual reality. A trickster. Can also be a thoughtform, or Tupla.


       Lucid dreaming; is when someone is aware that they are dreaming.

Dreams are sometimes connected to metaphysics, the power of the spirit.

The Twilight zone; is when someone is in between being awake and asleep. This is an altered state of consciousness. William Danmar called “semi-slumber”.

Like in meditation; the zen state, also part of the metaphysical.

And hypnosis, into the subconscious mind. 

Also the term mesmerized, from the German Doctor Franz Mesmer, who proposed hypnosis as a technique to explore the unconscious mind, back in the 1700s.


       Collective Unconscious; the term comes from Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist.  The unconscious memories from the distant past, common from human ancestors, back through many centuries.  Images inherited when a person is born. It is different than reincarnation, which reveals past memories of a specific life. Collective unconscious as it relates to philosophy, metaphysics, ESP, parapsychology and the occult. 


       Sometimes dreams, illusions, delusions and hallucinations, can be attributed to the supernormal, PSP, thoughtforms and night visitations from the netherworld.


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