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The belief that people’s spirits come back again and live new lives.


Other names for reincarnation include; transmigration, rebirth, resurrection, renewal and metempsychosis. A human spirit, after death, can be reincarnated in a newborn child. People can have transferred memories from a past life, in their subconscious mind.

       Past Life Regression Therapy; is the use of hypnosis for people who believe their spirit has lived before. Some patients can be starseeds, reincarnated from an alien spirit from another planet.

       An Akashic record; are historical recordings of a person’s spirit, as it has reincarnated through multiple past lives, including human, or alien.

       An Old Soul; is someone who has lived many previous lives and they have gained much knowledge or wisdom from their past incarnations.

       Soul fragmentation; is when a person’s spirit has lived in many different past lives, and other personalities can emerge within them.   Also called past life split, can result in multiple personalities.

       Planetary Sojourns; are where spirits go in between incarnations of lives, temporarily through the cosmos.

A Wanderer; is a nomad, alien spirit of the galaxy, not a specific planet. They can transmigrate into different ETs, or human lives.

       An Announcing dream; is when an expectant mother, before a baby is born, has a dream about a person from a previous life that may reincarnate into their child.

       Deja vu; is the sense that someone has been at a certain place before, but not in their present life, perhaps in a previous one.


       A few of the people who have done important work in the field are:

Edgar Cayce; 1877 – 1945, was a clairvoyant, known as the “sleeping prophet”, from having visions at night. He was from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Some books about Edgar and his psychic readings were; “Reincarnation and Karma” and “Beyond Death, Visions from the Other Side”. He founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment, in Virginia, in 1931.

       In the movie; “The Reincarnation of Peter Proud”, and in the miniseries; “Out on a Limb,” there were very similar scenes in both productions. In a book store, the main character talks an attendant there about the writings and books by Edgar Cayce and how he talked about reincarnation.

       Ian Stevenson was a psychiatrist from Canada. He wrote a book about cases of reincarnation. Ian could not find alternative explanations for many people’s stories about living past lives. He reported on cases where children experienced memories of living before their birth. Some of them had birth defects and birth marks that appeared to be caused by events that happened during a previous existence.

       There have been many famous people that believed in life after death. Benjamin Franklin wrote about; “the transmigration of the soul”, in his own epitaph. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Mark Twain also had beliefs in coming back in another life.

Many people from different cultures believe in reincarnation and being reborn, resurrected again.


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