The Yeti

The Yeti

A Lesson by Clif

The Yeti is a large, ape-man type creature that reportedly lives in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal and Tibet.


The cryptid creature of Asia is similar to Bigfoot in North America. The Yeti were first brought to the attention to the western world after a British expedition climbing Mount Everest in 1921.  Led by Charles Howard-Bury, a British Lieutenant-Colonial, the mountain climbers found strange tracks,  very high in the mountains. The creature that left the footprints was then called the “Abominable Snowman”.   


The Yeti has been part of the local folklore of Sherpas in the Asian mountain region for hundreds of years.  They are also known as “Migoi” or Wildman, by the Tibetans, “Kang Admi”, which means Snowman, and Nepali call them “Bun Manchi”, or jungle man.


Tom Slick  was a rich business man from Texas, who led a few expeditions to the Himalayas way back in the late 50’s, in search of the Yeti.  Slick and Peter Byrne brought back some very important evidence supporting the existence of the large primate. They found droppings, that were analyzed in the east and found to have parasites of an unknown primate. And they had hair samples that were later analyzed. They were found to not belong to any known animal to science. Tom Slick died in 1962, in a private plane crash, while returning from Canada. His discoveries about the Yeti went mostly unknown until Loren Coleman wrote about him, in a book in 1989. 


The Panboche hand was the reportedly mummified bones of a Yeti,  found in a monastery in Nepal. Peter Byrne was member of  the Slick expeditions. Slick and Byrne were shown the relic hand during their expedition.  The local people would not allow the westerners to take the hand to be analyzed. So Byrne snuck in and stole a couple of bones from it and smuggled them out to be scientifically analyzed. He replaced the bones in the hand with human bones and wired it back up. Later in 1960, another expedition to the Nepalese monastery, by Edmund Hillary and Marlin Perkins, examined the hand . It had been modified by Byrne a year earlier and they found it to be fake. But the bones that were taken, were sent to England, with the help of the Jimmie Stewart, the Hollywood movie star. The hand bones were analyzed and found to be from another hominid, not human. Peter Byrne and Tom Slick have made important contributions and discoveries to the study and research of the large, unknown primates, Yeti and Bigfoot.


In 1957, a movie was made called “The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas”, starring Peter Cushing and Forrest Tucker.  It was a fictional , horror film about the legendary creature in the mountains of Asia.


Some hikers in Nepal took a video of a Yeti in 1996. The film is known as the "Snow Walker" video.  The people who witnessed the extraordinary event remained anonymous.  But some experts who analyzed the footage, believe it could be authentic. 


The Indian army also reportedly found Yeti footprints in the Himalayas in 2019.


The Yeti is believed to be a cousin of Bigfoot, an undiscovered hominoid, primate, with a common ancestor to the North American Sasquatch. The Abominable Snowman reportedly roams the mountains and valleys of the Himalayan Mountains in Asia. 

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