Theoretical Science

Theoretical Science

A Lesson by Clif

Advanced Paranology involves theoretical science and ultraterrestrial beings. This has to do with alternate universes and other dimensions, which are actual scientific theories.


Scientist theorize that alternate universes and other dimensions could actually exist.  These mysteries are considered to be paranormal, because they have not been proven to be real yet.


       A multiverse are multiple parallel universes existing alongside one another. They are separated by other dimensions.
An ultraverse is a very large multiverse.

Another dimension, or fifth dimension; would be an area that human senses cannot perceive. Other dimensions can be openings or pathways to a parallel universe.

A Parallel Universe contains a duplicate or copy of our world, with one of each of the same people, places and events the same as in our universe. But different circumstances causing lives to turn out differently in an alternate universe. And history can be different than on our Earth.

A portal would be a passageway or gateway to another parallel universe or another plain of existence, through another dimension.

A fourth dimension, is beyond human visibility and perception of reality.

The Astral Plane is said to be like a 4th dimension.

And spacetime is also considered to be a 4th dimension, proposed by Albert Einstein.  He had a theory about a mirror universe, where everything is reversed.

The Einstein-Rosen bridge is a theoretical wormhole that transverses within different contacts of spacetime, 

A wormhole is also part of theoretical science. They can provide a shortcut through space. This is how extraterrestrials could travel from planets long distances away to Earth.

       A vortex is a swirling air or liquid or plasma, circulating, a whirlwind.

Vortices are rapidly rotating of air, like a dust devil or vortex.

One theory is that crop circles could be caused by a plasma vortex.


       There are two theories about where unexplained aerial phenomena may come from;

The ETH, extraterrestrial hypothesis; The theory that UAP are from other planets in outer space.

And there is the IDH, interdimensional hypothesis; This theory is that UAP are from another dimension, or alternate universe. Also called the multidimensional visitation hypothesis.


       Ultraterrestrial; means a being from another dimension or parallel universe, like an interdimensional traveler. They would come under the IDH, interdimensional hypothosis for UAP.

Science fiction makes use of other dimensions and alternate universes in media entertainment. And paranology considers these strange occurrences to be another category of unexplained phenomena.

Sources: Information  obtained from,  under the Creative Commons Attribution, Share-alike license. 

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Well done. I was able to read and understand this writing and it is fascinating to reckon otherworldly aspects. It is great to think we are but mere vessels of yesteryear and paternally-speaking, astronomically insignificant oppositions of virtual reality. Nice!
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