UAP Effects

UAP Effects

A Lesson by Clif

Unexplained aerial phenomena have been known to affect human devices on Earth. UFOs can cause power outages and cars to stall and not start.


When UAP have a physical influence on electrical systems on the ground, 

It is considered to be close encounters of the second kind. 

Unidentified Flying objects have also been reported over many power plants and nuclear facilities:


UAP was reported over a Nuclear plant in Oak Harbor, Ohio in 2017.
Another unidentified craft was seen above a power plant in Lakeland, Florida in 2018.

Lake Norman power plant dam in North Carolina, has had numerous reports of UAP over the years.

     In Los Angeles, California, there was a power outage in 2017. An unexplained flying object was seen over the area at the time. 


     In Montana, at Malstrom Air Force Base, lost power in 2018, when  UAP were seen in the sky.


     In North Dakota, in 1968, at Minot AFB, an unidentified object was reported above the nuclear missile base. A B52 was flying into the base at the time. Their radio transmitter went out, in the bomber, at the time of the sighting.


      In 2018, in Staten Island, New York, a UAP caused a power surge in a home.

Automobiles have reported to stop running when unidentified craft are spotted;

      In Springville, New York, also in 2018, a saucer was seen and the person’s car electronics went out.



In Levelland, Texas in 1957, police officers sighted a cylindrical UAP. They said their truck stopped running when they saw the mysterious object. And a civilian near the same time and place, also had their car stall too. He also saw an unidentified object on the road when the car stopped. Levelland is very close to Lubbock, TX, where UFO lights had been seen 6 years earlier.



In Colusa, California, in 1976, electronics, appliances went off and power went down in the area, after a saucer UAP was seen.


Unexplained aerial phenomena has also been known to effect aircraft flying in the vicinity. In 1976, Iranian fighter jets were pursuing a UAP near Tehran.

The pilots lost communications, instruments went out and their weapons went offline, while chasing the gigantic unidentified object.  

There have been numerous reports over the years of sightings of

aerial phenomena and their effect on different electrical systems.

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