My Life in Ten Years

My Life in Ten Years

A Lesson by alan.essam

a school essay about my life in ten years.


When any person thinks about his future, he would imagine himself having children and a beautiful wife. This is what most people think and imagine. People try to think about good things, but they do not put worst things in front of them. This situation is normal and it is good. But people have to put the worst things also in their future in order to know how to deal with them as I imagine my life, I can see good thing and bad things. I can visualize my life in ten years as a company manger, single man, and a traveler.

In ten years I will be a very successful company manager who tries his best to be the best and become famous. I will try my best in order to make big deals with huge companies. Now I am planning to study business at the American University of Iraq. In four years, I will graduate and I am looking forward to start my own business or establish a sports company. I want to start a big business in sports. For example, make big deals with big companies such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. Furthermore, I want to be a famous in my country. I want to be famous in order to get people trust and try my best to help people who need help. In many countries famous people help others, so I want to be like them and help people who really need me.

I will try my best to avoid marriage and continuo to be a single man will be one of my important goals. I will try to avoid marriage because marriage makes the man in small cage that you never get out of it. I do not want to lose my vigor just working for a woman. Many young men who dreamed to be famous and rich lost their beautiful dreams because they married. They lost their ambitions after marriage. For instance, my uncle he always dreamed to go and start his carrier as a soccer player, but when he married he lost all of

his goals, and now he just care about money and raising children. By avoiding marriage, I can say I will avoid woman and children who make your life all crowded, boring, and full of problems. I will try to be with girls and women but no marry.

            One of my dreams is to travel all over the world. I really like to travel and see the world and its people. I want to help people from my perspective. In ten years, I can imagine that I will be a good traveler who goes from a country to another. I want to see people and their cultures, their lives and behaviors. I want to be a man who sees things on real not just on TVs and radios. Traveling makes your thinking larger and makes you think in better ways.

            A company manger is one thing that I will be in ten years. My aims to be a company manager are very simple and clear. One help people, two leave something that makes people remember me when I pass away. You have to try you best in order to be man admirable man. Keep in mind as long as you stay a single man and avoid women, you will reach your goals. In deed women means troubles. More than everything you have to travel a lot to see how people live and learn how to help and understand them.


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This is very interesting to read, but it doesn't seem like a writing course. Try submitting it as an essay, not a course.
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