Basics in poetry

Basics in poetry

A Lesson by Regalias

A crash course on the basics of poetry


Poetry needs a strong overall feel to it from start to end
So the ways it could get its intensity is in the following parts of the poem
•the rhyme scheme- usually for beginners they could go with an ABCBACCBA rhyme scheme but as you progress this become more strict this showing a sophistication in the verbal language usage and the best can even do this AbABAcAcBaBcBdCaCb
Which means a hidden reverse poem which a bit complicated.
• Meter usage- This is where the usual beginners start to explore and get lost in due to the fact meter is a foret of twist and turns and this is the best meter to use for beginners: A- the beginning statement or stanza
A- use thos meter to add up to the original idea
B- you get a new point but still maintain a good coverage of point A
Ab- you add up everything and try to strike a lasting expression imtowards the reader which most poets tend to miss because they make the poem self centered and not reader centered


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I agree to complicated.

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Too complicated
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