3 tips to overcome Mindoverflow.

3 tips to overcome Mindoverflow.

A Lesson by Sexy P3nguin

Mind overflow.


Don't be a victim of what I call "Mind Overflow"
Mind Overflow is when you have a million and one ideas but you don't know which one to write about. In this lesson I will give you 3 easy tips to help you overcome this dreadful disease.
1. Write down the best/interesting.
-If you have too many ideas take out the ones you think would be not only creative and original but also fun to write about. (This is more helpful when it a few less than 5 ideas)
2. Ask friends or family.
-Friends and family can provide great support during MIND Overflow. When you have the ideas swirling in your head like a poop in a toilet ask them what they think is the best idea. Some times they may give you an idea that's better than what you had before. (This is more efficient when you have 100+ lol)
3.Sleep on it.
-This tip is recommended for those with the less supportive friends/family. At time parent can be useless. I have had it happen. But to get on with the tip, sleeping on it. While you sleep you let your mind wander. By the time the morning hits most of those ideas you will forget about and you may even have an interesting dream(something to write about) Not only is this a great idea for Mind Overflow it can also give you fresh new ideas and it also helps you refresh! :D


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thank you so much, i mix up ideas, know i will not
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