Rhyming Schemes.

Rhyming Schemes.

A Lesson by Sexy P3nguin

Choose your favorite.


Believe it or not there is more than one way to write poetry. They are called rhyming schemes. There are A LOT to choose from. I will share all the more popular ones.
A=1st Line
B=2nd Line
C=3rd Line
D=4th Line
1.) ABCD
This is when the lines don't rhyme. I know what you new writers are thinking. "Aren't poems supposed to rhyme?" The answer is no. This may surprise you but a vast majority of poetry doesn't rhyme.I recommend this for new writers, Obviously because it's the easiest one. The hardest part about this scheme is making sure it makes sense. Shouldn't be hard.
This one is a bit harder. This on actually rhymes. The 1st line rhymes with the 2nd line, and the 3rd line rhymes with the 4th. Again I recommend it for newer writers. This is a very common one among all writers and even some famous poets still use this scheme today.
This is when ALL the lines rhyme. It may sound easy but it is one of the more challenging ones. I don't recommend it to any certain level of writer. Like I said it's challenging but not too hard. If you plan on giving this one a shot then go head first and don't let all the rhymes loose your mind. I have had it happen......... twice.. jk.
A confusing one indeed. The 1st line rhyme with the 3rd line
, and 2nd line rhymes with the 4th line. This is, like I said, confusing. Not only that it is HARD. I recommend this scheme for those who have been writing for a while. If you're new at writing and writing and what not and you want to try there is one thing I have to say. Good Luck.

SO in conclusion you have a good handful to choose from. Remember, never let your imagination die and keep an eye out for more lessons and tips. Thanks for reading.


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Posted 8 Years Ago

I change my scheme in the last stanza to add effectiveness.

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Posted 9 Years Ago

I actually prefer the (AC)(BD) schemes but watever lol.....this has been helpful though. Thanks

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Sexy P3nguin


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