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A Lesson by Fnaf fan

If you want to write for a toddler then these are the things you should know before you do!


Hi student welcome to my second course I had made for you. I first made a course about writing poetry. It is called the art of poetry if you want to take it. For writing a book for toddlers, it at first may seem easy but these are the key points you need to consider:

. Most kids that age would want a deeply illustrated book so make sure to make it a picture book
. The not to use complicated words because even though you may know them really well a child at that age may not
. Make sure to use short sentences 
. Make sure to use minimal sentences per late

But you should also think about the characters

. What are they called?
 Address the name at the start of the book so that the children know who they are
 Make sure it is just a simple first name like Tom or Tilly

. What are they like?
 Make sure they make a simple character
 Keep in mind that the child needs a main character an side character and a bully or villain mostly however if you don't want a villain or bully you may not need one

Please keep in mind the age range this is for so no scary characters or it may be too scary.

Please post your assignment in the comments
Assignment 1
Tell me;
Your name so I may address you properly
Your interests
Your main traits

And please post your toddler story!
See you soon!


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Added on October 15, 2022
Last Updated on October 15, 2022

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Fnaf fan
Fnaf fan

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