Lesson #2

Lesson #2

A Lesson by -Christopher-Stephenson-

#2 IS FORGET LESSON #1. Think about names you like that is going to be lesson number 2#.


I like, these,
So Juan
I like, Mike,
So Horologic
For Myth, M.
I, for ME.
K, Cause I said.
E, for everything I want I will have.

Know think What do I hate more than anything for bad name not swear words think swear yes swear word.

'I'm Thinking.'

"You 're so Vile.
And I hate You dumb ." Said Vile. The Evil sorcerers women."

Horologic said back. "I'm not dumb but you are Vile.!"

Now try to forget how I think think like your self.

And now write down a list of one million names.

By the time you are finish you have some kind of story.

Wither you like it or not.

That is lesson 2#.

!. George
2. Chris
3. Fredrick
4. rick
5. tom
6. Christopher
Okay now there are six names there.

Six. George was first then Chris second then Fredrick was third.
And so on and so forth.
Rick was seventh, and tom was eighth.
Christopher, was actually the ninth. so a comma needs to before Christopher Capitalized.
But Chris is the second. so all of there name are the same they was the same person.

I said.

Now think I think this writing is a lie.
Maybe not
etc. etc. etc.
Know I have something is boring so Lesson number 2# THE NAME! is important.

But remember and try to forget one every time you make the story is more important but bring with name is just as important.

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