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Trouble With Writers Block Pt. 1

Trouble With Writers Block Pt. 1

A Lesson by Cole Anderson



Hi guys. For all of you who are dying to find out what to write next you came to the right place. I’ve never really struggled with it unless it’s something I don’t like to write. I can’t find the words to use and my words get all scrambled up. Since I’m writing a book about myself that I enjoy I have no problem at all. So far at least. I would say to write a story about you and what’s going on with your life. Only send it to people you trust. Or you can ask people for dares for your story. Tell them what type of book your writing and a short synopsis of your story or book and maybe they can help you. If they can’t ask me I have a crazy imagination.

That’s the first lesson 2nd lesson will be posted next week.
I post every Thursday
I will post about this till November 22nd (thanksgiving) U.S.
need any help just ask.

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Posted 1 Year Ago

okay cool count me in

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Posted 1 Year Ago

Not posting today November 1st. Will post tomorrow sorry guys.
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Cole Anderson
Cole Anderson


I’m gay. I have to admit that. I don’t know much about LGBTQ+ but I know some. Since my parents don’t support me the only way to get out my anger is by writing. Now that I found my p..