Trouble With Writers Block pt 4

Trouble With Writers Block pt 4

A Lesson by Cole Anderson

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Hey guys hope you’re having great plans for thanksgiving today. Mine are to watch all Marvel movies in order. Wish me luck it’s gonna be a long day.

Anyways so today’s lesson is to take a brake from your writing and get some fresh air. I feel like when your stuck on writing a book you tend to have every idea that pops in your mind go to the book and sometimes that doesn’t even make sense, trust me I know. So my advice would be to put down the computer, phone, iPad, or pen/pencil and walk outside and just breath in the fresh air. If you have really bad air quality then it’s not a good idea but if you have good air then I recommend this. Maybe for you people who have bad air try buying a fidget cube or spinner. I know those are out of style now but they help with thinking and with calming down from all the stress.

Well that’s it on this chapter of Trouble With Writers Block I’m sorry I didn’t post last week I just felt for me it would be easier to skip a week so I could think of more ways and you guys to test out them out to see if they are reliable. Please leave a review on which one you thought worked the best. Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Cole Anderson
Cole Anderson


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