Troubles With Writers Block Pt. 2

Troubles With Writers Block Pt. 2

A Lesson by Cole Anderson

Sorry I couldn’t post yesterday I was busy.


Hey everyone first things first sorry I couldn’t post yesterday I was really busy and didn’t remember until 9:00pm. Enjoy will try to post next Thursday or Friday.

So you’re still having trouble with writers block huh? Well so more tips I would recommend would be to put down you tool you’re writing with and take a break. Sometimes these things can be stressful and overwhelming. If a break is all you need to get back on track to that. Another tip is to read another book you like or watch a movie. I’m not saying do those things and just copy the plot or characters, I’m saying while your watching or reading take notes and read over them. You might have a cool idea pop in your head.

That’s all for this week have a good weekend and will try to post on Thursday or Friday.
Thank you any questions just send me a friendly message.

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Cole Anderson
Cole Anderson


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