Scene 1

Scene 1

A Lesson by Alexander Augustus Eggleston

(Ext) {Chicago} Morning, Van parked underneath an L-train overpass, van says "down the drain" plumbing on side of it. (Please excuse dialog script, it`s been a while)


( Two men are talking by the side of the van) Grizz: "I know he`s a little green, but the boss said it`s time to get his feet wet." ZACK: "All I know is I got three mouths to feed and an eviction notice." Grizz: "I need this too, but I have don`t have say in this" ZACH: "You seen him yet" GRIZZ: "All`s I know is I`ve known this cat as long as I can remember, he`s straight, and the job he`s got for us aint half bad too" ZACK: "What is it again" GRIZZ: "Old baseball memoribilia in mint condition worth 250K at least"

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Added on March 17, 2021
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Alexander Augustus Eggleston
Alexander Augustus Eggleston

Portland, OR

Haven`t done much writing outside of some script writing classes a few years back. Just looking to start out with some simple short stories and see where it goes