Choosing you're writing Style

Choosing you're writing Style

A Lesson by Kelley

This course will tell you how to choose a writing style.


One of the things to consider when you’re writing a book or poetry or even a simple writing assignment is your writing style. The writing style you chose depends on many different things. One of the most important things in a writing style is your writing ability. Then you must take into consideration your audience that you are writing for and then the purpose of the writing. By understanding these things you can choose the correct writing style.

The first thing to think about is your own writing ability. You need to write in the ability that matches your strength. If you are a technical writer it is probable not a good idea to writing a comical without some practice and some training. Get to know your own limitations when you are choosing a writing style. Always be ready to study and practice a bit before writing outside of your writing style.

Another thing to consider when you choose a writing style is to think about who you are writing for. If, for example you’re writing for an internet audience, you would want to write in a conversational style that avoids difficult jargon, and if you’re writing for a younger audience you want to make sure you use age appropriate words. If you are writing for a technical audience make sure you use technical terms because your audience will expect it.

The last thing to consider when choosing a writing style is the purpose of the writing. If you are writing an instructional manual you will want to write in an Instructional style. You will want to write in direct step oriented paragraphs.  Each paragraph should describe a single step involved in the process.  Another example might be if you were trying to sell something, you will want to write in a compelling style.  This time you will want to use active words and you will want to use descriptive tactics.   You will want your readers to believe that they can feel, smell, and hear the product that you are trying to sell, or the results of that product or service.

In the end it is not that hard to choose a writing style.  You just need to address the three areas of concern which will help you choose your correct writing style.

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Need to align with the demands of those readers! Styles is key!
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