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Request a Dorm

A Lesson by C. Rose

Students do not get to pick their dorm, but as the writer you have the power.


Dorms: There are seven dorms on campus in association with the seven traditional houses. The eighth dorm was recently constructed underground.
            Unicorn: Truth is only found when Faith covers Sloth
Unicorns are known for their honesty and hard work. Last summer’s prefect, Ann Jensen, has an internship at the Dragon Ranch this summer. She intends to either find the dragons or find out how they vanished.
            Swan: Positivity blossoms when Hope outshines Envy
Swans are known for their bright outlook. Last summer’s prefect, Monte Exule, has an internship with Juzzard’s Arcane Junk Yard this summer. He intends to join the Leviathan’s hunter branch.
            Butterfly: Friends are earned when Charity overcomes Pride
Butterflies are known for their popularity. Last summer’s prefect, Elizabeth Silence Pendleton, has an internship this summer with Leviathan’s Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Branch.
            Dragon: Revenge can only be accomplished when Justice supersedes Anger
Dragons are known for specializing along the Justice track (Counter, Mechanical, Power, Justice). Last summer’s head prefect, Evelyn Vito, has yet to choose between an internship this summer at Ember’s Pawn Shop, the Artificial Sentience Initiative, or as an assistant to a Headless Angel. He intends to become a Headless Angel, but doesn’t have a cause yet.
            Whale: Rules win when Prudence beats Gluttony
Whales are known for their adherence to the rules. Last summer’s prefect, Kali Wesley, has an internship this summer under the Council.
            Crab: Power can only be gained when Fortitude out powers Lust
Crabs are known for their strength and leadership. Last summer’s prefect, Jack Johnson, has an internship with a guaranteed job afterwards for Leviathan’s hunter branch.
            Squirrel: Balance is met when Temperance breaks Avarice
Squirrels are known for their control. Last summer’s prefect, Abilene Nettle, has an internship at the Library of Osira, although she intends to pursue a career breaking curses.
Eighth: The newest dorm does not have a motto and all students are welcome to submit suggestions. The eighth dorm was originally meant to be a privilege for the prefects, but will now be used to house students whose power poses a threat to other students and the Halvs.

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C. Rose
C. Rose