experiences with biographies

experiences with biographies

A Lesson by Sally

a lesson on how to write your experiences in a book so that it’s enjoyable for readers


writing a biography/autobiography or a memoir can be very difficult, especially if you’re doing it for the first time or in the case of a biography, you’re writing about someone else. that is why you should always write how you feel or in the case of a biography, keep true to how the person that you’re writing about feels in the moment you’re writing about. If it’s a biography, remember to research the person you are writing about very carefully and always state facts. if it helps, make a plan of your biography/autobiography before you actually write the book. try and keep it simple, but remember to get everything in that you want to include in the biography/autobiography/memoir. remember to always be clear and confident when writing so it’s understandable and interesting to the people that are reading it.
that’s probably the best advice I can give you.

Please note that this is my first lesson so sorry for bad grammar or any thing that may be of an inconvenience to your reading.

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Great course X
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hello, my name is Romeanie but I prefer to be called Sally. I love singing and book writing and I used to always write books when I was younger, I have now taken up writing again and have joined this ..