the difference between a autobiography and a journal

the difference between a autobiography and a journal

A Lesson by Sally

if you’re thinking about writing an autobiography or a journal and you don’t know the difference, here is all you need to know from my experience.


so it is pretty obvious that there is a difference between an autobiography and a journal. But what is that difference? An autobiography is a book written manually or via a computer about one’s own life, in which one may capture certain moments, memories, times or dates, or events. a journal is a book or a digital book or a self reflection in your own head, when you may write or think about your daily experiences. Some people however, do not write in the journal or think about self reflections once a day, so it may be that we think about your weekly experiences or your monthly experiences. however, as well as the autobiography and the journal have the differences, they also have the similarities. For example, experiences. When you write you experienced a journal, whether that be daily weekly or monthly, you write them in more detail than you would in the auto biography. However, you wrote an experience in an autobiography, while the experience may be fresh, another experience you write about could be an old one so it may not be written, in more detail because it’s harder to remember. And therefore, an autobiography and a journal are different, but they can also have similarities.
I really hope you found this lesson useful, please let me know that would be very much appreciated.

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