each day i lose more purpose for being here

British Columbia, Canada
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About Me

i wish it was more clear who i am even to me it seems dim and held together by words that struggle from within the line is much to thin it is crossing over it is crossing over there no space between me and the back there no space between words it's all black no space between worlds no space between hate no space between love the sky has turned white it burned me to see the fading dawn no space between the light no space for me nothing i can see it doesn't get any clearer words don't get any wiser trapped with this endless visor just to see the sky just to breathe and sigh just to feel alive in the dirt in the murk in the emptiness why can't you what is me why can't i see i am lost but all to found in the reasoning of a billion mad minds i am empty but i am still full full of regret full of mistrust my will is blowing in the wind the dead trees wither while my soul still quivers with the fading dust all my mistrust there goes all my reason fading away fading away fading away with the with the Seasons. i think too much no one reads this stuff anyways my name is chris i am 20 years old i like lots of different things i love fat cats and skinny ones too anyone who met me may think i am bit off in the head but that is okay because that is just who i am i realize i may come off over enthusiastic or sometimes really quite brusque at times it is not my intention i just am a very passionate person so if i scare you i would probably say run for the hills because at this time it is quite hard for me to take a step back and tone it back a bit in the moment just some friendly advice for the one odd person who reads this out of sheer utter boredom this one's for you thanks for wast-- i mean spending 2mins of your time with a memoir of the past me that wrote this lol well tatta always wanted to say that see i can be tigger too hoohoho bah