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About Me

First off, the name: Ah Puch is the Mayan god of death, we almost put Anubis, but we thought that was over done a bit.

Second, the Royal 'We': This is not in fact a 'royal' we, it is more the fact that when writing, we, as a single person, tend to have four slightly different styles when it comes to different genres. We know that your thinking: 'Well yeah, of course everyone writes differently for different genres.' However, we find that sometimes it just doesn't even sound like the same person, you can tell us if we're wrong. If we are, we will cease the notably odd multiple personalities. For future reference 'We' are: Dekan- Gore, death, Mayhem, and violence; Cree- Fluff, cute, and romance; Randa- Insight and philosophy; Wonton- Angst, drama, and �out of the blue�.

Third: We are THOSE sort of girls... Meaning that we see, then we slash. We do it to our own work to... I, Dekan, am trying to fix that, so far I've had no luck. With Gene Insanity(Not posted yet) and Meet the Holidays, it's very hard to not, as there are very few females in the first place. Walk in the Cornfield is just our home of Slashy goodness, we don't know if we'll ever post that one.

Fourth: Please comment, that is what we online writer's live for.


Story Ideas:

Walk in the Cornfield: A story about a boy destined for darkness when he enters the world beyond the Threshold Forest.

Gene Insanity: A sequence based off of Single File's 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors', Resident Evil, and I am Legend. About a bunch of teenagers that have their world turned upside down the day after summer break starts. They have to escape town before being infected by the virus, but what they don't know is that no one escapes being infected.

Meet the Holidays: A book that we have been debating on whether or not is another in the Gene Insanity series. It originates from the AnimeLeague ongoing site wide RP. Four of the fifteen are characters we made up for the RP but never really went any where with as we were waaay too shy about joining any RP's other than the training one.

From My Corner: is a story from the point of view of a teen that was changed into a vampire on the whim of said vampire that is in his AP English class. It tells a story of family and building friendships from the corner of a room.

End Dream/My Way Home: Is a book inspired by a dream I had and continued by Final Fantasy VII and the turks, but was twisted so much however that we're stil working on finishing it.

Time Overlap: Is a book that is about an apocalypse cased by a War between Vampires and Changelings and Immortals and the people involved.

Apple Street Slaughter House and Ghost Hunters: Are a pair of books that are related but not direct prequel/sequel's of each other. ASSH is about four teen/college students that decide to take a look around a haunted house with a really nasty history. It becomes a gore story with all the characters dieing, with a twist. Ghost Hunters is about a paranormal group that is stalked by a wandering spirit because it knows that one of the group can hear it. This group gets caught up in the whirl wind investigation that is 616 Apple street.

...More to come.


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Posted 13 Years Ago

hehe. You are online too. :)