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About Me

I’m Erin. Goofy yet serious, loud yet quiet. Geeky, music loving Erin.
I am 14 and live in a small town where nothing ever happens, EVER. Can you hear me yell, Boring! =)
Just a quick rundown on who I am:
I am passionate for writing, reading or anything that has to do with words… mostly! =) I have the bestest friend in the whole wide world. Her name is Megan. We aren’t part of the popular crowd. We aren’t plastics and I don’t get along with people who are. I am in love with music by Benton Paul, The Script, The Cab, The Fray, Paramore… etc. I could go on forever! I can play the Piano and aspire to learn guitar. My laptop, Ipod and camera are my life. What can I say, I’m a technology junkie! I seldom watch TV or text because I don’t enjoy doing those things, they bore me. Weird right? I like such a variety of books I can’t pick a favorite, same with movies. I love to eat, completely addicted to special k granola bars right now! =) When I get older I want to go all creepy and mess with dead bodies as a forensic pathologist, sorry if I creep you out because of that! I will admit that I have seen the twilight movies way too many times, but I’m definitely not addicted as I was. I do way too much extra credit at school because I’m always thinking about the future, not the past. Anyways, enough about Erin the spaz, I wanna know you! Message me, let me know who you are!