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A new ebook series!

4 Years Ago

I am currently writing my 4th book of a series of book called Clover Fields. The series are based around a young man with a troubled past and childhood who is trying his hardest to make his life better. As a 16 year old, Jason is sent to jail in Canada on a 4 year sentence. He is originally from London but with his father being Canadian nationality, Jason and his brothers are all dual nationality. After the crime was done in America, New York, it was deemed unsafe for Jason to go back to England to serve his time, so is sent to Canada. After less than 2 years inside, Jason is released on parole. He is sent to a ranch in Alberta near a small town called Houghston. The ranch is called Clover Fields and owned by an old rancher named Jack. Jason quickly takes an interest in his granddaughter, however doesn't need to pursue her as she does him, despite her having a boyfriend at the time. After discovering Amy is a virgin, Jason is hesitant about taking it without any protection but as she assures him she's on the pill, he does so. The two have several flings like this, choosing to mess around behind Ty's back as Jason doesn't want a relationship after what happened when he was younger. Jason, despite all his efforts, cannot stop himself from developing feelings for this girl. He tries as hard as he can to keep the relationship sexual, when Amy tells Jason she's had sex with her boyfriend, it hurts. So Jason leaves to break up with the girl he had been dating for just a day maybe two, though she doesn't take kindly to Jason cheating on her and breaking up with her and so she sets her male friends on Jason, giving him a nasty beating which lands him in hospital. The whole book is basically about Jason's struggles with life and facing up to what he has done in the past to survive. Throughout the book, the young couple are exploring their sexuality, trying new things, finding out their likes and dislikes and just being teenagers and exploring their bodies together, and to the dislike for each other, with other people at times too.

Re: A new ebook series!

9 Months Ago

I expect, by now, you have had your work published. I'm very interested to know how you got on? Did your hero survive his harsh times in Canada? You've certainly got the basis for a good story!