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Hello, turn you life into an Anime/manga book

13 Years Ago

Hello, I was thinking lets have every one to right a noval, much like mine. now some of you are already working on a very good start. However here is the twist it has to be eather Anime, Manga, Hentai, or Soga. (please note: do not wright Hentai if under 17, and dont write Soga if under 21) This is going to be just for fun, However this might just be worth it in the long run... this could be your calling in life. The story must have at least 3 pages to a chapter and must have a least 5 Chapters. If you do not want to write one of these please contact me @

[email protected]

The dead line will be set after I find out whom is writing and who is not.Please dont use Copyrighted work this must be your own work, This includes: characters, names, places, and shows ect. This will help me beter understand you as a person. please dont worry about spelling or grammer. I would like to have this replied within the next month. Nevertheless take your time on you writing no mater how long it takes, please dont use up YOUR time if you need to take care of your life I understand and would be happy to help you out as much as I can.  

Please think easy, but work hard. If you have any Quistians contact me anyway you cdean.    

Thank you, Manager GOTHICCOWBOY