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Hi! I've created this group about poetry, which you can see o the name, and all kinds of poetry you can imagine will be posted here.
Poetry, to me, is like a sea. you can never learn all the ways to write poems,and whenever I learnt one way, I will keep writing poems that style. At first, i am like a foolish duck,but after I tried to write poems, I found that it is funny! I started to write pems, now I can write poems when I have feelings.
i think that poetry can change our life, And I hope that those who know nothing about poetry can change their life like me,for others, just post here and let peole review your fantastic work.

New Writing

With you With you

A Poem by Aa Harvey

The Fallen The Fallen

A Poem by Aa Harvey

My love My love

A Poem by Aa Harvey

The end The end

A Poem by Aa Harvey

Rush Hour Rush Hour

A Poem by Nadia_2

Medium Medium

A Poem by Carlton Rolle

Which Heart? Which Heart?

A Poem by KyleT

Bitten Bitten

A Story by Myriam

Labyrinth Labyrinth

A Poem by Myriam

Left Awake Left Awake

A Poem by Madeline

High High

A Poem by Connor Jarvis

Vengence Vengence

A Poem by Arrinae

Would You? Would You?

A Poem by Arrinae

Without Him Without Him

A Poem by Arrinae

Elements Elements

A Poem by Arrinae

Do You See? Do You See?

A Poem by Arrinae

Empathy Empathy

A Poem by Arrinae

the realm the realm

A Poem by livicote

tessellate tessellate

A Poem by livicote

comfortable comfortable

A Story by livicote

Sea Glass Sea Glass

A Poem by livicote

Tar Tar

A Poem by Scarlet Letter

Carrick Carrick

A Poem by Jeremy Wyatt

Pure Joy Pure Joy

A Poem by Rachel

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Haiku ?!

October 23, 2010 - March 30, 2011

Haiku ?!