A B N A Vets


A haven for veterans of the first Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.

If you've got an entry in the ABNA contest, make a writerscafe account, then send the moderator (Leah D), or any member, a message to receive an invitation to this unauthorized, unorthodox, untested extension of the ABNA forum.

Just like the forum -- a place to schmooze about whatever -- with the extra bonus feature of actual member fiction and peer-review.

Now some instructions for using the site in general:

Any group member can post work in "new writing." First upload your work on your profile (click the arrow on "writing" at the top of any page, click "add writing.") When that's done, come to the group and click on the "writing" tab at the top of the group. Under "add writing" you'll get a drop-down that includes all your uploaded writing -- select the item you want featured here. If you want to remove something from the group you have to contact Leah D (moderator.) We're sticking to one item per member, in the interests of fairness, space, and tidiness. If you have a book uploaded, you don't need to add chapters individually, as they're all available under the book upload.

To contact any other member, just click on their avatar in the "members" list. On their profile page, click "send message" in the box in the upper right hand corner.

You must be logged in first to do any of this stuff.

You can read the forum or anyone's work without being logged in, but you can't post messages or reviews unless you are.

To read anyone's work, click on their avatar, which takes you to their profile, where their work is displayed. To read work in the group, click on the title in "new writing."

(Users of Firefox and other non-Explorer browsers -- you may have some difficulties. The "Contact" link for the Admin is at the very bottom of the page, on the far right, if you need serious help.)

The best way to learn how the site works is to play with it. Non-techies, don't worry -- you can't break anything.

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Beth O'Leary

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