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Welcome to the Ulysses Group

15 Years Ago

First, if you haven't already, take a minute and Sign Up for an account. The link is at the top right of the screen.

Once you've registered, find this group again (in the group tabs) and make a membership request (the membership has to be approved by me, to ensure the group only includes people in the class).

Once you're approved, feel free to start posting and exploring the writing group and the site in general. I've added some random stuff to the site so you can get an idea of the capabilities, but we definitely don't have to use all the features. FYI, there's also a CCA Writers group on here, so be sure to join that as well.

This site should allow us to post our writing so that everyone can take a look without having to print tons of stuff out. We'll give it a shot and see how it goes...