A Place For Peace And Quiet


Hello, have you ever wanted to just get away from everything. Maybe the people in your life, or your writing, maybe something has gone wrong, or maybe you just need a place to think awhile. This group might be for you. Just come on in find a book and read. And, also about that no books of any genres, with hurtful, harmful, or anything of this nature will be accepted. All reads will need my approval before they are entered. This is for everyone to keep a peaceful mind. And, also if you find and read a book from this site, make sure the review you give is nicely written, but keep it constructive. Well I think that is about it. Come on in, find a nice book and have fun reading.

Thank you:

S. D. Blankenship


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A Place For Peace And Quiet

Rev. Fr, S. D. Blankenship DDiv., PhD., MA.

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