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Do you Really?

11 Years Ago

Do you really?
Do you reallybelieve I would do something like that?
I wouldn’t.
But you believe liesAre too blindTo see truthToo shallowTo see reality
Do you reallybelieveeverything you said?
I didn’t.
After everything you didI didWe saidYou saidI know it isn’t true.Unlike you, I know a lieWhen it slaps me in the faceI am deep enoughto see youlike no one else doesBut you gave it up.
Do you reallyknow who you are?Do you really want to be this person?
I wouldn’t.
I wouldn’t put my trustin the wrong person.And although evidently I did,I would at least know the truthI wouldn’t spread liesJust to gain confidence.
So you seeI do know the truthI know you haveto always have someoneto call a friendBecause you are not strong enoughon your own.But you don’t know the meaningof the word.Look at how you surround yourselfwithpeoplewho are so insecurethey lieto have no competitionAnd you are becoming like them.You are weak and insecure.You can’t lean on the truthIt isn’t on your sideYou can’t lean on your friendsBecause none of themare real.You gave that up..
So you walk aroundspreading liesAnd hurtAnd jealousyTrying to turn everyone against me.And when you know you are wrongYou dismiss peopleLike they are beneath youBecause you can’t admitit.
So you thinkyou’re funnyyou’re beautiful And you’re perfect
But I know betterAnd I am the only oneWho reallySees you.