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How It's Gonna Go Down

10 Years Ago

This group is pretty much open to all AU affiliates (students, allumni, teachers, etc.) who are interested in creative writing. During the regular school year, we will hold regular meetings (3 or 4 times a month). In the meantime, however, in order to keep things rolling, we will use our group page to post and review eachother's stuff. I will send messages through WritersCafe to all members that will contain a single prompt or a small choice of prompts. Then, once you have completed the prompt on your own time, you can post it to your page, and then under the "Writing" tab on the group page, you can repost it where we can all see and review it. Your writing need-not-be prompt-derived in order to post it to the page. Anything you've written that you would like to have critiqued can be submitted. Similarly, you can utilize the "Read Request" function on your own home page to send your work to specific members for review.  Anyway, please check your messages every few days for prompts and announcements and such. I am open to suggestions about prompts and other group-related ideas. Happy posting!