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Need Help Researching!

10 Years Ago

Hello, my dearest comrades! I need a wee bit of help doing RESEARCH.

Now don't panick--don't dive for the "X" button and close the screen. I'm not asking for someone to DO the research for me! :P

*pause for big sigh of relief*

Now then, what I mean is I just need some sites that one might use to look up something. I'm writing a book that's in the Victorian era (if that's even right), right around the 1700's. I've looked and searched and GOOGLED, but I'm having a wee bit of trouble finding much of anything. Any suggested sites that you think would be good to look up something such as this? I seriously doubt hardly any of you are romance novelists, so you've probably never once even remotely tried researching something like this...but I just need to find out things like CLOTHING, or...ya know, carriages, what sort of food they ate, perhaps.... Basically, the only 2 things I know are "three sheets to the wind" (which means you're s**t-faced) and "laudanum" which is a medicine they quite often used--and I only know THOSE because I read a ton of these types of books.

Anyhow, I've never really done much research for my stuff before, but I want to this time. This time, I wanna do it the right way. So...any suggestions?