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7 Years Ago

Still under construction, but open for role-play. The editing isn't finished and not all the pages are added. Our Admin are still at work, we accept any kind of role play, but we do not God mod, it is against our laws.

Sindrya is a world of many ceremonies and catastrophes, however they come at the most surprising times. Nothing, as it seems, is ordinary in this supernatural world of angels, demons, and beasts. Everything runs free, but that can sometimes only add onto the problem.
A secret group of ruthless master-minds are trying to come up with ways to destroy the power of the Leaders of the regions and to enslave their people. It seems like everything is in peace, but that is exactly what these villains want everyone to think. For years, and for some, centuries, these people have teamed up with one another to bring about the ultimate army of criminals; an uprising of low-life creatures. No one is suspecting a thing to happen, even though destruction is sure to come...and soon.
The regions of Sindrya are Aldara, El'dira, Flëign and Raignè, along with the small, yet very much important island ShadowFelln. The rulers of these communities try to ensure the protection of their people, some more vigilante than others. The only thing is that all of these continents are under the surveillance of the Brigade of Linear Crusaders, as these villains are called, and this menace have a large group of spies that lurk within each continent's boundaries. They could be one your good friends, a family relative, a helpful neighbor, or even someone working for the Royal monarchy, if not someone in the monarchy themselves. It's only a matter of time. The clock is ticking, waiting to chime on that awaiting moment when it wakes everyone up from there fantastical dreams and back into crushing reality. When that happens, who will fight along side the innocent and protect them, and who will aid the Brigade Of Linear Crusaders on their way to conquer the fantasy, medieval world of Sindrya? Do you really think that you can make a difference in this world? A difference in Sindrya?

The Site can be viewed here:

This is our first site as a group, we have yet to work on the other three. but we will begin working on them ASAP.

We are waiting... do not forget us. ♥