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Sunny's New After Hours Show Right After "Air Atta Ca Talk" - Sunny's Wind Down Beginning Saturday, September 29 at 1am (CDT)

13 Years Ago

Want to help Sunny Wind Down after the show?  Sure you do. 

Call (347) 215-7692  and talk with Sunny about everything and anything under the sun.

The Sunny Wind Down Show  - Beginning Saturday, September 29 at 1 am (CDT) 

Sunny will need to talk after having an exciting time on the "Air Atta Ca Show".  Come talk with her and/or hear her philosophies on life, sex, living by ear, sex, wierdness, sex, men and women, sex, comedy, sex, writing, sex, happiness, sex, loving, and of course sex.

And you can teach her a thing or two.

She invites anyone who wants to gab with her about most topics to call in.  She really likes people and everyone else besides you is asleep.

Please note: Not a sex line for Sunny to get you off -  directly. 

This new BlogTalkRadio Show is an Adults Only show so please don't listen or call in if you are under 18.

Didn't catch "Sunny's Wind Down" - There is a media player that will automatically start that is embedded into a Story slot.  Just click on "Sunny's Wind Down" on the "Air Atta Ca Talk" member page or on a Story slot on Sunny's member page.  This will begin after the Saturday, September 29 1 am show.