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Fright night

8 Years Ago

Hey there is a mouse in ma house
eek its eating a crumb under ya foot
Awe I Dinny see it me glasses fell off
me face...
Look Yelp me finger got caught in the drawer
Help me finger is sprinkling liquid on your
clean floor.
Help me bob
You have wrapped me up like a museum mummy.
Awe dinna be like that
I tried me best
Oh fiddle sticks say's brother Fred
I forgot to feed the pigs..
Their be no more bacon butties
for your tea... shouted Ma.
Keep your hair on replied Grandpa Brown...
Let us all rest our legs
Put the kettle on Ma Brown
Our tongues are patched with thirst
And our belly's are rumbling for some food.
Awe sit yourselves don here
I just get the pigs head
Pass us the craving knife.
EEK please get us out of here..