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Alter ego-ness!

11 Years Ago

Since I am new, Let me start this alter-ego story... Everyone join in. The subject is ruler of the world. what is yours like? who is that alter-personality that you will create that would rule over us? A slave-driver? A kindly King/Queen/ or an evil dictator? I guess i will start.

Watching out of the window of a tower, a tall, slender figure oversaw the progress of her conquest. The light from the setting sun made her red hair glitter and burn as the light of the tapers in the hall became brighter. The loose curls rolled down her shoulder, hiding the pendant on the silver chain around her neck. She moved the bangs from her eyes, showing round apple green eyes dressed with long lashes.  A silver bangle glistened in the light as she sighed. Being in charge was not it was cracked up to be. The sound of boots marching around the capital echoed as the troops were getting ready for the upcoming invasion and the people were bringing her offerings of flowers and sweet incense to her gates. She wasn't a goddess but she was the icon of victory. Is it so hard to break every strong hold left on earth? Her thoughts wrapped around the final domination. The only way to win the world was to prove to this last hold of masculine power. Kikden. The only place were only men ruled over the people, opressing the women and embrassing the disabled. Footsteps came closer and a small man came in knight's armor.

"Milady, we are ready. What is your desire?" he asked.

"Move the troops in moonlight. The enemy fights in the night and sleeps in the day. We will catch them sleeping. Go." She said, eyes flashing in determination.

"Yes, lady." he bowed and retreated.

The lady looked out to the gates, knowing what was written on the doors. Victory to those who grasp and fight. Failure for those who try not. She smiled at herself. Only one more hold and Arisa will rule. The opressors will pay. The opressed will be freed. The peace shall rule.

A snipet of my alter-ego. i hope to read who you could be.

Risa Jean