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Everyday I cry alone.

13 Years Ago

       Day 1-Mafiya's house    I begin my normal day as I wake up on the floor (I don't know why). I got up and I saw that my phone was nowhere in sight. I tried to get it together and find it but it was nowhere to be found. "Nani! Where's my cell phone? Have you seen it?" I said. Nani is of course my Nani. She takes care of me while my mother works in New York. I live in California. LA to be exact. My name is- "Mafiya! I found your cell phone!" Nani said. "Thank you!" I said. As you can tell my name is Mafiya (ma-fee-a). I grabbed my cell phone and got ready for day school. The reason I call it day school is because I am a vampire. I am the only vampire in my family (besides my sister)...that goes to school. My sister is in the 11th grade. I’m in the 7th grade. My mother is one of the only humans in my family. There's Nani- a vampire Nani-, Nan-my sister-, Kodotai-my big brother (I call him onii-chan), Okachi-my grandmother-, Poko-my little brother-, and me Mafiya a smart and delicate human-like vampire. I don't enjoy the sun, or eating or smelling garlic...but I enjoy lots of other like human activities.   Dream 1-The lake-   I was swimming in the pond nearby my house, when I saw my best friend, Al-lanna. She was drowning in the water next to me. I went to go save her but she sank, faster, and faster. Then something in the water pulled me down into the depth of the water. I tried to catch my breath, but I couldn't breathe....slowly I had died...   Nighttime 1-Waking up from nightmares-   I woke up screaming as Nani came into the room. She hugged me and told me that no one would ever let me die. "But what about Al-lanna? What if she died?" I said. "She wouldn't be your friend if she knew who you really were." Nani said. She's right....Al-lanna already fears vampires in would she react if she knew I was one of them? I was afraid of Al-lanna fearing me too. She was human and I am....a blood sucker. How could she ever......why....would she fear me? I am a princess...I am the princess of vampires. I cried my eyes out into Nani's arms. She could tell what I was thinking...she knew me since I was 3. We know each other really well.               Day 2-Alice and Jessie-   I got off of the bus and I saw Jessie and Alice waiting for me. Jessie is a vampire...and Alice is his human girlfriend. Alice doesn't know that he's a vampire. Jessie and I have been good friends for a while. Alice and I are great friends too. Alice knew me since the first grade. Jessie knew me longer than that... (I forgot when I met him). I walked by them as I saw them kiss. "So how have you two been? Alice Mrs. Kremlee is looking for you." I said as Alice left. "Why does Mrs. Kremlee need to see her?" Jessie asked. "Nothing. We need to The Cadavers have been sited around here. They're after Alice this time. You can't protect her forever." I said. Jessie got up and walked away as he left he rolled his eyes at me.   I sat in class all day, I sat next to Jessie. He was more silent than usual. Usually he talked to me..... before Al-lanna showed up. Al-lanna has a problem with Reading so she spends the morning with Mrs. Kremlee (the assist. principle), reading to other kids to help her reading. Jessie came over to my desk. "Mafiya. Why do they want her? Why is she a target? If they try to even touch her.....I will kill them all." he said.   I went home feeling as if the world was out to get me. I waited for Jessie to call but he didn't. May scary things were going on in my head. Why do they want Alice for? She is just another human. I still don't get it. If the Cadavers want her....they KNOW that they have to go through Jessie first. I just wish I could help....but as Nani always says never get involved with other people's problems.       Dream 2-Jessie's death with last awkward words-   I saw fire....everywhere. Everywhere I saw blood....and I saw dead people.. then I saw it. Jessie's body was in the fire. "Jessie....where am I?" I asked him as he got closer to me. "Do you see the death signs all around you Mafiya? You will save Alice....something even I can't do...I must.......go. If you save can't save me. Which is it gonna be me or her? I don't want to die Mafiya. SAVE ME INSTEAD!" he said as he came closer. A giant demon came behind him and striked him with a huge sword. "Cadaver? What do you want?" I said. Cadaver is the name of a demon..he haunts my family and Jessie's family. "You can't save all of them. Itaka....." the demon said. "How do you know my real name? My life was supposed to be secret. I wasn't....supposed to be born....because of sister isn't the princess. Kill me now." I said. The demon striked me with his sword.         Nighttime-My death and Jessie's sorrow-   I was dead. My body was found on the floor of my room. No one knew that I was dead until the night came. Every in my family woke up...and when Nani came to check on me...she cried. I was one could have saved me. When Jessie found out...he cried the most. I was dead...he couldn't save me. He cried until his eyes started to bleed. Alice cried too...she wept until she had no more tears left. My body had been brought to the old Cadaver Cemetery.....they left as soon as it was near dawn. Jessie stayed until dawn..Then he kissed my cheek...and said goodbye.