Angel's Nest


I traveled the World with Hope to find Love
and I found that Love is Art
People for Art, Art for Love

From Hope to Faith, from Trust to Love
4 People
The Friend, The Messenger, the Lover and MySelf
gave me 7 Days of Art*
Now I give them back
13, My Love

4713 is all about Eternity *
and the summary of it
gives us Six the Wisdom

If you have anything to state, protest and to say
that is all about

and Love

This is the Place to be, where the Angels nest

A group for Artists
of all kinds
for I am destined
to Sing for Life
through my Lyre
and make it clear
of what I believe
for this world
is that Art
is involved
into task not far beyond
of a World
not unknown
were our dreams
are the fields
and the skies
are our deeds
and the Seas
of our thoughts
might as well be explored
for we shall
there find
our reason
to begin
and to feel
that the Art
is a place
we should embrace
to achieve
the final Zeal


So gather your wings and fly
and come with me to
The Angel's Nest

By Chalkios

*(Julian Calendar)
*(Seven Arts)
p.s. The Angel Nest is not a religious group and I intent to keep it like this

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