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A Real Hero

8 Months Ago

It is my anime idea do you like it A Real hero In a world of humans with supernatural powers and abilities , hiro is a 16 year old boy with no supernatural powers or abilities . Hiro is the son of the robotto family , a family which owns the robotto industries which created support items for heroes . His family was murdered by a set of villians which were after a powerful weapon created by his family called the absolute key which was given to hiro in the form of a necklace as a gift .After failing to protect his family , he chose to become a hero to protect the ones he loves and care about .Hiro as the only son inherited the robotto industries and became it's new director , Hiro was very smart and intelligent and was taught by his parents on how to build machines and equipments so he use the knowledge to build different sort of machine and equipments and proceeded to be admitted into the Best Japanese hero academy called besuto hero academy .Where he meets other people which want to also become future heroes , inorder for Hiro to qualify an admission into the academy , he has to undergo some challenging tests set by the principal of the school. Will a ordinary boy with no supernatural powers and abilities pass the test of the best Japanese hero academy.will he ?