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I ended up going on a dating site one time because I was at some other site

12 Years Ago

from time to time they send me messages from dudes that are trying to contact me I don't talk to any of them though. I got one tonight and they have a link that you can go to and here is one thing that they have posted:

All members are advised to be on the alert for minors posing as adults on this or any other website. Underage members will claim that they are 18 years or older when signing up for the site, but will often reveal in their correspondence that they are lying. Communicating with a minor on this or any other dating site is illegal. If you discover any member under 18-years of age, you should report them to Security immediately, either by clicking on the �Report Abuse button on their profile, or by emailing

SPECIAL NOTE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT: The administrators make every effort to ensure that the members of this web site are at least 18 years of age. Any attempt on behalf of or by any law enforcement agency or agent to impersonate a minor or to entice a member into contacting minor on this site constitutes entrapment, is an express violation of Terms of Service agreement, and may result in civil liability through litigation.

You see I don't purposely go out of my way to do things that are illegal and do not want to get myself in trouble and try very hard to stay out of it. So even if others do not understand why I don't want to write erotica here this is one of my major issues. Can any of you explain this to me? I don't want to be set up or screwed up either one. So does that make me a s**t head?

So how does this affect this site?

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