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I've noticed something

16 Years Ago

::biggrin:: While you probably opened this thinking you'd find something thought provoking or generally smart-assed. I'm sorry to dissappoint. I've noticed there hasn't been very much activity in this group lately and I have to wonder: "How damned anti-social are we? That we can't even keep an internet group together." I guess by the group's namesake we're not joiners and would rather do our own thing. Well d****t... If anything else. Do me a favor. Tell me a little bit about your town/city. Don't have to give names, just general location. I'm just curious how different anti-social poets describe the place they grew up or the place they call home now. I'll be checking in soon!

Okay one thing totally thought provoking.
What would you do if you had no senses at all. No touch, no sight, no hearing, taste, or smell. What would you be? How would your life be without experiencing nothing at all?

Well Later Gators!

-Dawn Marie ::biggrin::

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16 Years Ago

Hello, I agree that I am anti-social, and I am not prone to working well in groups. Thus, the reason behind my non-participation.

I am trying to change that now.

I live in Middletown, Oh now, in a very small apartment with my girlfriend, a cat and my computer.

I have lived many other places, and I have written about many of them in my postings here on the cafe.