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Road Map

9 Years Ago

With the East and the West -|- I stand facing Jerusalem for America to embrace -|- I know my way home because of Masis and the Sis -|- I watch the sun rise and I know where it twists -|- I observe the stars and I know the moon lits -|- I wear gold to cover my body and I take my sword for my peace -|- I hold my prophecy, where I point, it does as I please -|- I recognize the rain and the winds -|- I hear waves at the beach -|- I talk to the wolves and they howl as they speak -|- I have nuts and dry berries and small cheese for my feast -|- It's been six weeks I'm already at Greece -|- I swim to the different islands swim back so I miss -|- I wonder through Macedonia and travel north to Venice -|- I hear the eagles in Dutchland sing most amazing hymns -|- I call this place Rome my capta this is where I piss -|- Than I travel to the south so I can find Sicily -|- I see Edna from miles away and I begin to increase my speed -|- I leap to the shore and name Palermo civilizatsy -|- I travel to Armerina and this is where it begins -|- The most beautiful stones I carve my name in the street -|- I am now at the west and Sardinia is in mist -|- I take trees for the float and get to Sardenia with ease -|- There is one more land called Corsica and thats it -|- I find the mountain and this is where I eat -|- I built a new float and travel to Nice -|- I walk to Paris and than back to Cannis -|- I walk south to Spain -|- I smell a new continent as Africa across sits -|- I find the port and built me a ship -|- I travel through Atlantic and finally I succeed -|- I am now in America and there is noone else here except for the Kings and Queens. Aram Aram Aram Ken