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Want a nice review?

13 Years Ago

Hello, Something must uttly shoking happened to me last night and now I was thinking of making a group for victoms of lost pride... This group will be an a closed group only the ones I know that Give a lot of reveiws and are nice about it Will be able to join... So if you wish to join send me a mesg. about a peragraph long... It must be sweet, while at the same time You must give the writer the fell of the need to change his/her work... To lern more ask me if you cant reach me hear send an E-mail to [email protected]


for those that wont to read the Review here it is>>>>

What is this garbage supposed to be? I think you should be ashamed to post this and I have warned my friend to avoid you. Glad to see we made the right choice in banning you from our chat room. I wouldn't call you an author at all. I would and will call you a pedophile. Take your garbage and spew it elsewhere.

Posted 5 Hours Ago

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Thank you for your time S.D.Blankenship the GOTHICCOWBOY