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Nice to meet you. Today, and many days after this, we will be helping you publish your novel that you have so painstakingly worked for.

Author's Round Table Literary and Publishing House comprises of a spectacular group of people willing to sacrifice their time and sweat just to make publishing an easier process for you through 3 steps: editing, cover designing, type setting. As we would have put in all of our hard work and dedication in your book, we have a 10% royalty fee.

We will be unconditionally accepting the first 2 submissions and the rest after will be carefully selected. So, send in your queries now! For guaranteed publication, be the first two(2)!

For more details, please refer to our book 'Publishing with ART Literary & Publishing House'.

Here's a toast to your literary success from our partnership.

Let your pens fly,
Vanessa Chong
Founder and President of Author's Round Table Literary and Publishing House

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