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13 Years Ago

Well I'm autistic! How about you? LOL

Do you find it unique living in a culture that works so externally so much of the time? I sure do. Makes me run and hide a lot. LOL

Just thought I'd get things started.


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13 Years Ago

Well, I often believe that I have mild autism. See, I don't mind loud noises... so long as I'm the one in control of them. Otherwise, I can't help but shove my hands over my ears and shut my eyes really tightly. Gosh, I hate it! The worst thing is, I can't hardly stand it when I'm not allowed to express myself. Just makes me... wanna... EXPLODE or something.

Anyway, I babysat and moderately autistic girl over the summer a couple of years ago. She amazed me with her intelligence, though she has trouble playing with others and she's not very socially advanced. I would have to take her in the other room when my mom needed to vacuum. She HATED the vacuum, and the saddest thing was, I once heard her dad threaten her with it when she wouldn't put her shoes on. :S I was so upset.

Anyway, this group hasn't been very active, and I don't see why not. Autism is a very real problem that needs to be recognized within our society I think, often, that children are misdiagnosed and it upsets me so badly. I'd like a medical study done about the percentage of mildly or undiagnosed autistic children and teens who become self-mutilators, because, honestly, I see that there might be a connection. If either of you knows anything about this, or knows where I can find information on it, let me know!


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12 Years Ago

I have aspergers a variant of it.
I find life extremelly difficult at times but it gives me an angle all of my own I guess and slowly i'm learning to accept myself.
poetry and novles have been there a the worst and best times for me and autism in writing can help people feel less alone.

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