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I actually do have a memoir published...

7 Years Ago

If you all want to grab this up, it is on Amazon.con and; the book is titled An Eye In Shadows.  I do have a new article I published here called Pastor's Spouse.  I have my magazine submission guidelines on my social network if you want them go there -- I am asking people to play it up dark if they want to to submit.   I do have stories in the pages of my magazine which were written from the same era and the attachments I accept are .doc, ,abw, and .odt.  Click on the page that has information about The Ethereal Gazette for more information.  I have the play from Issue Five posted on my blog if you want to check that out.
       I take up to 7700 words with creative nonfiction, when you submit this include your photo and 3rd person bio and I will use a frame to do the bio inside of the body of the magazine aligning it to the right of the story.   Word counts for these start at 2400 words but ideal here is 3300-6600 words.  Look on the social network for my guidelines in full.