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12 Years Ago

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12 Years Ago

Petit Mensonge Pieux
Le nuages gris que Dieu a suspendu dans le ciel

La lettre o� le gar�on a dit un mensonge

La prairie qu�il lui a montr�e

La place o� ils ont rencontr�

La couverture o� ils se sont repos�

Le mensonge qu�il a r�p�t�

Le mensonge qu�il a r�p�t�

Le �je t�aime� qu�il a r�p�t�

La m�me chose qu�arrive tout le temps

Little White Lie
The gray clouds that God hung in the sky

The letter where the boy told a lie

The meadow that he showed to her

The place where they met

The blanket where they rested

The lie that he repeated

The lie that he repeated

The "I love you" that he repeated

The same thing that happens all the time ::cry::

This was modeled after "Le Message" par Jacques Pr�vert. :)

Anyone who speaks fluent French, feel free to point out my mistakes. I'd like to know if I need to change something.

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12 Years Ago

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A citrus fruit the
of our source of light and warmth.

A citrus fruit in
to the eye of a feline.

A citrus dream
up my nose with the intense

nature of its sting
on my
too-eager awaiting tongue.


Des agrumes la
de notre source de lumi�re et chaleur.

Des agrumes dans la
� l'oeil d'un f�lin.

Un r�ve de citron
se rassemble vers le haut
de mon nez avec l'intense

nature de sa piq�re
sur ma
langue d'attente trop-d�sireuse.

I believe I sorted it out all right. This one I actually wrote in English and used Babelfish. :) Any assistance is MUCH appreciated.