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15 Years Ago

Hola chicos
put your spanish stuff in here...
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The Moulding of A Man - Babelfish Translation to Spanish

15 Years Ago

How good is this translation?


::: El moldeado de un hombre
Un poema de Tomas O Carthaigh

Pareciendo trasero sobre mi vida, aunque es corto
Veo qu� me ha hecho cu�les soy
Una persona redonda, persona entera, amybe un litle loco
Un complejo de la persona, pero certianly no un impostor.

Los ensayos de Lifes me han roto m�s de una vez,
Y en tiempo me romper�n otra vez
Los buenos tiempos hacen a hombre no cu�les �l es
Es los ensayos de los lifes que son el moldeado de hombres.

The Moulding of A Man
A Poem by Tomas O Carthaigh

Looking back upon my life, though it is short
I see what has made me what I am
A person round, a person whole, amybe a little crazy
A person complex, but certianly not a sham.

Lifes trials have broken me more than once,
And they will in time break me again
The good times make a man not what he is
It is lifes trials that are the moulding of men.
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14 Years Ago

did this go through babelfish or something like that? there's not much there that's correct.