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Stand Tall

12 Years Ago

 I’m going to stand tall just like you are and expose my leaves;  They would admire my beauty and my strength yet wonder what am I doing here?   They would talk about me to generations to come of how envious they are of what they couldn’t be. The new generation will say to the coming after “look at her holding fiercely against the merciless storms without a tear; Except for the rain drops that sob so dear ”. The generations to come admire my wisdom and say “when are we ever near to reach the majestically silence she hold so deep. The silence that has been heard for years past and years”. Yes ,I will be the story told for years and years. The years of pain when the leaves betrayed me and left me standing alone without a shield. They couldn’t stand any longer and fight the inhumanity of the greed. They chose to bend and leave me with my silence that couldn’t scream. They saw what they wanted but couldn’t see my breaking tears of endless year. The tears of generations bending to let the stream wash away memories of my dreams. The stream that took our love but remained the hope of leaves growing once again green. I tried to tell you Spring always comes back once a year.  And here I am standing tall where you can see me and know your roots are here.  

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