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Need Beta Readers for Completed Manuscript

7 Years Ago


I am a first time writer in need of beta readers for my completed 95k-word scifi/fantasy, post-apocalyptic manuscript Imperium. As a first time writer I am looking for feedback and direction from more experienced writers/readers. I would appreciate honest suggestions on any piece of my work! Please send me a message if you are interested and thank you for your consideration.

Below I have listed a bit of what I am looking for:

Characters - portrayal and believabilityDialogue - any areas where it loses momentumPlot and pacing - is it flowing on full steam, or running flat Scenes and story - are they too long, repetitive, gripping, about right
Here is also a little blurb I wrote up:

Despite overwhelming poverty, anarchists, rampant crime and the dangers of Earth's desert Badlands consistently bombarding his prism Hudson Matthews always remained a model soldier and loyal friend. When a chance encounter with an infamous, alien criminal causes him to be singled out he starts a descent from lawful peacemaker to consumed vigilante. When the Azure Bandit's next target is his only kin, will Hudson be able to stay true to his prism or will he be caught in her web of deceit?